Teeth Whitening

This is also known as bleaching. It is a safe, simple and effective way to brighten up any smile. Ideal for Brides, Grooms and family members who desire a smile that will stand out.

There are 3 types of bleaching.

1In-surgery bleaching

2Home Bleaching

3 Enlighten Whitening

Why Do Teeth Get Dull?

Over the years, your teeth will discolour for many reasons. These include smoking, drinking too much coffee, tea, cola, red wine. Teeth often can discolour with age.

Is it Safe?

Either type of bleaching will in no way damage your teeth or gums. However some may experience sensitivity or tingling during bleaching. This resolves as soon as bleaching is completed.

In these cases, Sensodyne toothpaste will be supplied. In 76% of cases, the teeth will remain the same shade for 3 years. However it is easily topped up.


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