Orthodontic Treatments

Nothing does more for your confidence than straight, beautiful teeth. Here at Monkstown Dental we offer a variety of orthodontic treatments to help you achieve the perfect smile. Below are the types of appliances we offer -

Fixed appliances
These are the appliances that most patients require to straighten their teeth and achieve the best possible improvement in their smile. Stainless steel fixed appliances, often referred to as ‘train-tracks’, can be offered under the NHS in severe cases. In less severe cases that do not qualify for NHS treatment they can be offered independently. 
We also offer aesthetic fixed appliances on a private basis. These braces are virtually invisible; most people won’t even know you are wearing them. They are made of a special material that blends with your natural tooth colour, so you look great during and after treatment. Private treatment is available to all patients with no waiting lists and more flexible appointments are available.

Removable Appliances
These appliances can be offered on the NHS or privately and are often used as an adjunct to fixed appliance therapy, most commonly prior to placement of fixed braces to help correct the bite.  In some simpler cases a removable brace can be used on its own to carry out the required tooth movements.

Functional Appliances

These braces are used most often in patients under the age of 14, as they only work in growing children and adolescents. They help to promote or modify growth of the jaws, adapt the soft tissues and muscles of the face to new positions, move whole groups of teeth at the same time or change the angulation of teeth.

Clear Aligners
Where minor tooth movements are required, a series of clear, removable , wafer-thin aligners can be made to carry out the treatment.  These are virtually invisible, easy to use and comfortable to wear. These braces are offered on a private basis only.

Before treatment

before white fillings

After treatment

Front tooth rebuilt with white filling




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